How is anal penetration different?

Anal vibrators serve as a sexual stimulator in the anus in men or women. The vibrations of the anal vibrator are intended to serve targeted sexual stimulation. This should further increase the feeling of pleasure.

Anal vibrators often have another basis to avoid loss in the rectum. The size is approximately 3 to 6 cm. The average width is about 1 to 2 cm. You can find a typical anal vibrator here, for example . In addition, there are also anal vibrators with a width of up to 6 cm. However, these are usually considered an exception.

Anal vibrators are operated either by batteries or rechargeable batteries.

The possibilities of an anal vibrator are many. This can, for example, rotate, vibrate or pulsate at different speeds. There are different variants of the anal vibrator. These are usually:

  • Anal probes
  • Butt plugs
  • Anal balls

All have the possibility to vibrate and serve different stimulation variants. As a rule, the anal vibrator is inserted into the sexual partner’s own or the anus.

In order to avoid pain and promote relaxation, the use of a lubricant such as that from Joy-division is advisable. A well-proven lubricant is, for example, one that is manufactured on a water basis.

Not all vibrators are suitable for anal use. Using a normal vibrator for anal stimulation or penetration can cause discomfort or the vibrator can get stuck unintentionally. Don’t try to spoil your anus with your vibrating mini or favorite rabbit vibrator – with powerful vibration and the deep, satisfying feeling of penetration, anal vibrators are specially designed to give you an incredibly intense orgasm.

Particular attention was paid to safety when manufacturing anal vibrators. You spoil your anus in ways you’ve only dreamed of.

Anal vibrators are perfect for use in masturbation as they provide an additional element of stimulation that leads you to unimagined climaxes. Anal vibrators are also an ideal choice when foreplaying vaginal or anal sex. They are particularly suitable for use before anal sex, as they relax your external sphincter muscles and make penetration more painless and easier.

How to use an anal vibrator

When using an anal vibrator, invest in a viscous and smooth anal lubricant that you can apply to your sex toy. Try for example a professional Discover anal lubricant or the anal lubricant without glycerin.

Once you have applied lubricant to your anal vibrator or anus, sit back or rest on your knees and hands and pop in the anal vibrator slowly. First insert the vibrator a little bit and interrupt the process if it is uncomfortable.

You can turn on the vibrator immediately or wait until you have fully inserted the vibrator to enjoy the vibrator. No matter what you choose: your bottom will thank you!

There are so many anal vibrators just waiting to be tested, so you could play with a different anal vibrator pretty much every day of the week. You could even use another vibrator twice a day, seven days a week! Not that we want to stop your thirst for adventure, but in the beginning you should choose an anal vibrator and then continue to expand your collection.

Newcomers to anal vibrators should start with a slim product. This offers you a very good introduction to the advantages of anal vibrators, so that you get the urge to experiment with other products.

What should I look for when buying an anal vibrator?

With anal vibrators, more expensive does not mean better. The most important questions to ask yourself about a product:

  • What vibration levels or stimulation programs does the device offer?
  • What material is the vibrator made of and how can it be cleaned?
  • Does the device work with a rechargeable battery or do you have to constantly buy new batteries?
  • How long does the battery last?
  • How do you operate the device?
  • Is the device
  • does the vibrator fit in my budget?

In addition, especially beginners should not directly choose a model with a large diameter, but should rather opt for a “more beginner-friendly” model. Even though it seems difficult to go through all these questions, it is still important so that in the end you have a perfect device for your needs and do not have to do without anything.

Find your anal vibrator online

Intensive stimulation on the anus, prostate and clitoris – this is what an anal vibrator offers you. It is specially made for use in the anal area and has an ergonomically shaped shaft that is suitable for use in the anal area. In addition, most anal vibrators have a clitoral stimulator or a prostate stimulator. An anal vibrator therefore satisfies both men and women with its vibrating stimulation during anal intercourse. A large number of nerve endings come together at the anus. Exciting stimulation of the sensitive anus can therefore lead to indescribably intense orgasms.

Overview of anal vibrator models

Anal vibrators are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. Typical shapes are the penis replica or abstract models with grooves, which provide a particularly intense feeling. Which size is suitable depends on individual experiences and preferences. However, beginners should always start with a slim silicone anal vibrator, stretch the anus beforehand and slowly approach the erotic anal.

Some models of anal vibrators have a remote control that makes their use even more exciting. It is very erotic to give control to the partner or to feel the vibrations when wearing the vibrator in everyday life.

Anal vibrator: buy brands and accessories from experts

Anal vibrator, clitoral stimulator and cock ring – the anal vibrator from “Pro Anal” is an absolute all-rounder. The man wears the anal vibrator as a penis ring. If it penetrates the vagina, the anal vibrator simultaneously stimulates the anus and clitoris with his. The “Shades of Gray” anal vibrator has a noble design. He excites his wearer with 20 vibration rhythms that can be controlled by a remote control. Anyone looking for a filling feeling is well advised with the anal vibrator from “Black Velvets”. The anal vibrator has an anchor shape that only ignites its full width inside the anus. It’s best to use an anal lubricant, so that the vibrator can penetrate the anus with pleasure. After use, the sex toy is cleaned with the “Just Glide” care and cleaning spray.

If we have converted you and now thinks that this unusual kind of vibrator would bring you so much pleasure, then it’s time for you to get one for yourself or for your partner.

Author: Rosanna Davidson