Sexual Asphyxiation Using Masks and Hoods

It’s safe to say that not all fetishes are socially acceptable. Actually, most of them carry tons of baggage due to gross misconceptions and stigmatization. A classic example of this is BDSM and the various acts that come along with it.


People who practice some form of bondage are often portrayed as weirdos and freaks in the media. In turn, the general public also perceives them as such. Still, BDSM does include a lot of borderline acceptable practices, one of which is sexual asphyxiation.


This sexual act consists of restricting yourself from breathing to feel sexual satisfaction. Unfortunately, playing around with this idea can be quite risky, as people pass out while doing so, which typically leads to death.


But asphyxiation doesn’t have to end like that. Practicing it with an experienced partner who you can trust can eliminate the risk and grant you one hell of an orgasm. In our eyes, it’s best to do it while wearing a latex mask or hood, and here’s why.

What Is Asphyxiation?

Sure enough, we’ve already mentioned the essentials. Asphyxiation just means choking, and yes, you can do it to feel pleasure. People practice it in many ways, one of which is using masks to help restrict the flow of air. But what’s the story behind this obscure sex practice? Well, it’s a bit dark.


Namely, the idea behind sexual asphyxiation goes way back in history. During the 18th century, people would notice that hanged men would often experience an erection after their execution. Some would even ejaculate while choking to death on the gallows. All this made people think that choking yourself can help you with erectile dysfunction.


Sexual asphyxiation is a common theme in popular cultures. Many novels introduce it, as well as films and TV series. However, they regularly focus on it leading to accidental suicide. But, once again, it doesn’t have to be like that. If practiced with care and experience, this kink can lead to a lot of fun for both you and your partner.

Why Do People Enjoy Sexual Asphyxiation?

A logical question after all this talk would be to ask: “Why does anyone do it if it’s so risky?” Well, there are many reasons, and they all vary from person to person. The most common answer is that it leads to a better orgasm.


Some doctors suggest that people experience a kind of similar hallucination as those who climb high mountains where the air is thin. The scientific explanation here is that the body releases certain hormones in response to danger. However, these hormones (adrenaline and endorphins) don’t just warn us — they turn us on as well.


Then again, there’s a bit of fun in doing something that’s known to be risky. You know, like sex in a public space. The idea of someone seeing you turns naughty men and women on. You can make similar connections with other kinks as well, but the point is always the same. People enjoy doing things that society deems questionable.

The Use of Masks and Hoods

The BDSM fetish isn’t just famous for the acts that people who practice it participate in. It’s also popular due to its dress code. Everyone is aware of black leather and latex catsuits, boots with high heels, and other accessories. Yet, one piece of bondage clothing is even more popular than the rest. Of course, we’re talking about BDSM masks.


Masks or hoods as some call them are an integral part of dressing up as a bondage kinkster. However, people don’t just use them for their cool looks. They can be pretty handy when it comes to the asphyxiation kink. Due to their tight design and zippers, you can close them and experience a lack of air, which leads to asphyxiation.


There are countless models of these masks and hoods for one to choose from. Some have holes for eyes, nostrils, and mouth, while others close completely. Nevertheless, they are great for asphyxiation, as you can easily unzip them when you want some air. And if you’re with a partner, well, the risk of them being unable to uncover your face is minimal.

What Other Accessories Can You Use to Enjoy Breath Play?

Although masks are a great way to enjoy this kink, some people don’t use them. They either don’t like the look of BDSM gear or they can’t afford them, good thing you can check here at laidtex as they made them affordable for everyone. Nevertheless, they have their ways. Some basic techniques to practice breath play are to choke yourself by putting a hand over your face or submerging your head underwater. But what about other accessories that you can find around any home? 


Some folks asphyxiate by wearing a plastic bag over their head. This is a straight-up torture technique, but it does the job. On the other hand, you can always use clothespins to pinch your nose and close your mouth. But if that doesn’t fit your idea of a good time, it’s okay to use a cling wrap over your face. Still, we have to be honest here. All these fail in comparison to latex hoods and masks.

Breath Play Safety Reminders

We’d be doing you a disservice if we were to skip the safety aspect of this kink. As we’ve said, sexual asphyxiation is risky business. Many people died over the years trying to push things too far. That is why it’s essential to take safety precautions beforehand. So, let’s see how you can make your experience safer, shall we?


Firstly, we don’t recommend trying out sexual asphyxiation by yourself. Why? Well, you can pass out while wearing a mask and die unconscious, as it will remain on your face. This is a kink for couples. With a trusty partner by your side, they can take the mask (or any other accessory) immediately off and save your life.


On the flip side, while doing so with a partner, you should establish safe words. These words can be anything. The point is to immediately signal that you don’t feel well and that your partner should remove the mask. This is a universal technique for most outlandish sex practices because it works. So, be smart and don’t joke around with asphyxiation.

Author: Rosanna Davidson