Vibrating Panty Games You Can Do With Your Partner

Vibrating panties are super cool and sexy to the T. If you are bored of using regular vibrators and looking for a new exciting twist, embrace vibrating panties. These are panties housing a tiny bullet vibrator that can be controlled remotely. Wear the panty and give the control in the hand of your partner and let him control you as per his whims and fancy. One of the best aspects of vibrator panties is that your partner doesn’t always need to be by your side to control you. He can be miles away and still shower you with bouts of orgasms with remote control.

You must be excited to try out vibrating panties by now? The very thought of having your partner tease you down under immediately sends a thrill through the body. Your partner will surely love to surprise you with crazy buzzes every now and then as per his moods. The bottom-line is, vibrating panties are amazing for both the partners. They add a fun factor to your intimate plays and let you create a bunch of unforgettable memories.

The post below offers a brief about the hot vibrating panty games you may try with your partner.

Honey, I have a surprise!

Who doesn’t love to be surprised by her partner? And naughty surprises will make you two come even closer.

The game is very simple. Your partner will tell you to wear your panty for a certain period of time. It could be for just couple of hours or for 5 hours at a stretch. Don’t worry, vibrating panties are completely safe to wear for a longer period if you clean and maintain them well. Your husband won’t tell you when he is going to buzz you and that will be the surprise for you. After you wear your panty, you can get on with your daily life. In the meantime, your partner will surprise you with naughty buzzes all of a sudden whenever he will think of you.

Buzz on a naughty date

Are you two planning for a naughty date filled with sensuous adventures?  It could be that you two wish to go out on a romantic candle-light dinner which will gradually culminate into some steamy action in between the sheets. Why don’t you add a vibrating panty game in the bunch to make things even more sizzling?

The game is that you would have to wear the vibrating panty while you go out on a date. It’s always suggested that you should check beforehand that the vibrator of your vibrating panty is compatible with other panties as well. Are you planning to wear that lovely black lace panty for your date night? Well, if you buy a compatible vibrator, it will go with the lace panty as well- added to the original panty.

So, let’s assume that you have got a compatible vibrator. Now, you will just slip it into your lace panty and wear it on your date night. Let your partner buzz you in the midst of your romantic-sensual moments at the diner. If possible, book a private cabin for the date. Frequent buzzes will make you all swell by the end of the dinner so that you are in the perfect mood for the sizzling actions once you two go back home.

Buzz fun in market

Are you bored with your regular weekend market trips? How about adding some spice to it to make the weekend little special? Well, you can count on your vibrating panty here. Just wear the panty while you go out for shopping. Your partner may stay at home or accompany you in the market. Then, as you busy yourself in spotting and choosing your needed stuff, he can amaze you with sudden buzzes. Just tell him, not to be too frequent with his buzzes. After all, it’s a market place and constant buzzes would put you in a really embarrassing position.

Fun on the beach

Are you two planning for a beach vacation sometime soon? Well, why don’t you carry your vibrating panty along with? It would make your private beach nights even more romantic and sensual.

You two can lie down on the moon-kissed sand with the roaring sea at the backdrop. Wear the vibrating panty before you lie down. Then, let your partner drive you crazy with passionate buzzes as per his moods. In the meantime, as he buzzes you, you two can also engage in a passionate kiss and create lovely memories to remember forever.

Long distance buzz game

This tip is for couples who are in a long-distance relationship.

Wear the vibrating panty and tell your partner to come on video call. Set up the mood with naughty chit-chat while your partner keeps on buzzing you through his smartphone app.

Tips to buy your vibrating panty

Don’t just settle with the first vibrating panty you come across online. There are lots of things to check before you buy a sex toy. Remember, it’s something that will be in touch with some of the most delicate parts of your body and you have to be really careful here. Try to check reviews about the best brands and models. The online world is bustling with numerous articles that offer reviews on vibrating panties. The one you choose should be backed by rave reviews and ratings.

The check the range of remote control while getting your vibrating panty. Some of the models offer a limited range, say 20-25 ft. If your partner stays with you, this range is okay. But, if you are in a long-distance relationship and don’t want to miss out on the buzz fun because of physical distance, go for remote-controlled vibrating panties with unlimited range. They work through smartphone app. If your partner downloads the app in his phone, he will be able to buzz you from anywhere in the world.

Finally, make sure to buy your vibrating panty from a reputed and trusted adult toy store to ensure an authentic product. See Loveplugs’ listing of it.

Author: Rosanna Davidson